3-rd International Conference on
September 5-7 2017

Abstracts Categories:

The 3rd International Conference on the FMR1 Premutation welcomes the submission of abstracts for original contribution to the field in the following:

  • Molecular/cellular mechanisms of pathogenesis
  • Premutation model systems
  • Molecular-clinical correlations
  • FXTAS clinical issues
  • FXTAS neuropathology/non-CNS pathology
  • Neuroimaging studies
  • FXPOI clinical issues
  • Ovarian pathology
  • Fertility preservation
  • Pediatric clinical involvement
  • Adult, non-FXTAS clinical/behavioral/medical/psychiatric involvement
  • Mechanisms of CGG-repeat instability
  • Prevalence, screening, early diagnostic strategies, and new testing technologies
  • Pregestational Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Genetic counseling issues and ethics
  • Clinical trials of targeted treatments
  • Other issues related to FMR1 Premutation disorders

Abstract Submission Process:

Abstract Structure

Abstracts submitted should contain concise statements of:

  • Abstract Category: The abstract category is the general heading under which the abstract will be reviewed and later published, if accepted. The abstract category which best describes the subject of the abstract should be chosen.
  •  Title. The title should be in upper and lower case, bold and centered on the page.
  • Authors. Authors name should be first initial and last (surname) name only. (i.e. J. Smith). Please insure that the presenting authors named is underline. If presenting authors affiliation is different, please use superscripts to identify the author and the affiliation (for example J. Smith1 , J. Doe2 , University1,  University2,). Include the designated presenting author's email address. 
  • Aims: indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analyzed or evaluated.
  • Methods: describe the study period / setting / location, study design, data collection and methods of analysis used.
  • Results: present as clearly and in as much detail as possible the findings / outcome of the study. Please summarize any specific results.
  • Conclusions: explain the significance of your findings / outcomes and future implications of the results.

Word Limits

The abstract text body is limited to 400 words including the title. Titles are limited to 25 words.


One table can be included, with maximum 7 rows and 10 columns.

Submission Confirmation

After submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the submitter. In order to receive confirmation, please ensure that emails from Shai.fmr1@gmail.com and Yoram.fmr1@gmail.com are not marked as spam by your e-mail provider.

Policies for Abstract Submission:

Copyright Policy

Abstracts should not include libelous or defamatory content. Material presented in abstracts should not violate any copyright laws. If figures/graphics/images have been taken from sources not copyrighted by the author, it is the author’s sole responsibility to secure the rights from the copyright holder in writing to reproduce those figures/graphics/images for both worldwide print and web publication. All reproduction costs charged by the copyright holder must be borne by the author.


The conference organizers regard plagiarism as serious professional misconduct. If plagiarism is identified, the abstract and any other abstracts submitted by the same author are rejected.

Review and Selection Process:

All submitted abstracts will go through a peer-review process carried out by an international reviewing committee. The 3rd International Conference on the FMR1 Premutation scientific committee uses abstract scores and rankings to develop the final congress program and select abstracts for oral or poster presentation.


Abstract Presentation:

The highest-scoring abstracts will be selected for presentation in oral presentation sessions; the other accepted abstracts will be displayed in the Poster Exhibition.

Notification of Acceptance or Rejection to Corresponding Author:

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting (corresponding) author. Please note that only the corresponding author will receive an email concerning the status and is responsible for informing all co-authors. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will receive instructions for the presentation of their abstract. If an author is invited to present and does not confirm their participation, the abstract will be withdrawn.

Publication of Accepted Abstracts:

The submission of the abstracts constitutes the authors’ consent to publication. All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the Abstract supplement of The 3rd International Conference on the FMR1 Premutation.

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